Referral Service

Washington Lawyers for the Arts is pleased to offer a referral service, connecting members of the public to qualified attorneys.


Why do we need a referral program?

We're proud of our Arts Legal Clinic. It is a great resource, and is usually all the help an artist needs. But sometimes, a clinic appointment ends with the client deciding they can't handle the issue pro se.

Other times, clients contact us because they already know they need a lawyer, but need help finding one with experience in the arts. A formal referral service lets us send more clients to more lawyers.


What are the fees?

We do not charge attorneys or clients for the lawyer referral service. After the initial consultation, rates are determined between the client and the lawyer.

Who can request a lawyer?

We serve clients throughout the state of Washington. We aim to make referrals for regular fee, modest means, and low-income/pro bono clients.

Who can sign up to be in the referral service?

The service is open to Washington lawyers in good standing with the Washington State Bar Association. We ask that you have three years of experience in the relevant practice area, or handle the matter under the supervision of an attorney who meets this experience requirement. We also require proof of liability insurance. Attorneys may elect to accept regular fee, modest means and/or pro bono cases. A full list of requirements is outlined in the Policies and Procedures.

Lawyers - please join the panel!

We are currently recruiting attorneys to join the panel. Please read the Washington Lawyers for the Arts Lawyer Referral Service Policies and Procedures, and sign-up online!

Artists - request a referral!

Use the form below to send us questions or to request a referral. You may also call WLA at 206.328.7053 or e-mail us directly: