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Iskra Johnson Dormitory 9001

ISKRA JOHNSON, fine artist

iskra-johnson-headshotIskra’s background is in printmaking, painting and the intensive practice of calligraphy as a professional letterform artist. Although calligraphy has a strong component of discipline, it thrives on spontaneity, improvisation and surprise. She brings these elements, combined with a love of surface, texture and mark-making to her recent work in digital mixed media prints. Marrying elements from her photography practice with watercolor, charcoal, silkscreen and other media, she creates a new kind of imagery produced through digital collage and an archival printing process. The prints vary in size and theme from large-scale images of architecture and construction sites to more intimate works based in the natural world. Her recent series called “Construction Reconstruction” explores the surface text embedded in the urban industrial landscape and melds it with architectural form.


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