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Surveillance Art & Law: Conversnitch, an eavesdropping, livetweeting lamp

Gathering information through technology is playing an increasingly significant role in national security, law enforcement, domestic relations, and industrial espionage. Information is passed along routinely by millions of people daily through Internet hookups, wi-fi, smartphones and other electronic devices. Some are using cutting edge technological device to achieve a strategic edge to gain whatever they want. In doing so, more …

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Summertime at WLA – a note from Allison

Hey, Folks! It’s summer, days are long, and there’s a lot of good times calling out to us. As I write this, I’m between unpacking from a conference in Philadelphia and packing for my annual road trip to Montana. I’ve read a couple great books written by friends, and found new tunes that make my ears smile. In between it …

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Musician’s Legal Mixtape II

This is Part 2 of my discussion of Joleen Hughes and Mackenzie McAninch’s presentation on the legal aspects of the music business. Be sure to read Part 1. Your Band as a Business Entity In Washington, a band that plays for money is, by default, classified as a general partnership.  General partnerships are a liability nightmare. That is because, for …

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Musician’s Legal Mixtape Part I

Contract. It might as well be a four-letter word. It is a word that makes many cringe. It carries with it connotations of restrictions, requirements, and lawyers in sharp suits. It is probably the last thing that most artists want to deal with. However, entertainment lawyer Joleen Hughes  and talent manager Mackenzie McAninch believe contracts should be one of the …

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WLA Supports Student Quisney Project

Washington Lawyers for the Arts primary purpose is to help artists navigate the legal difficulties that accompany creating and sharing art. We support students and all artists in the creation of art that pushes boundaries while respecting the rights of others. Fair use, an area of law where free speech meets copyright, often presents challenging issues and competing interests. WLA …

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Copyright v. Academic Freedom @ Evergreen State College

Students at Evergreen State College have been ordered to shut down public performances of the student written musical parody “The Quisney Project presents: O.U.T.: Once Upon a Time” based on copyright concerns. The first performance was scheduled for June, 5th.  The threat of this action prompted faculty to write the following letter which explains the issues : Academic Freedom Threatened …

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Volunteer Info Session – May 23, 2014

Are you passionate about helping artists thrive in our community? Do you have time and skill to offer? Join us! Washington Lawyers for the Arts has opportunities for amazing people to volunteer with us.

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The A.R.T. Bill: Summary and a Call for Action

Last week I posted a lengthy entry about the American Royalties Too (A.R.T.) bill. Today, I am going to explain the potential impact to you, and tell you how you can weigh in on the proposed legislation. Who Does This Bill Have an Effect On? This bill has an effect on you if you meet the following: You’re a visual artist …

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Resale Rights for American Artists: the A.R.T. Act of 2014

When a music producer releases a new track, there is at least a possibility he will earn royalties. The same goes for a writer who distributes and sells a newly published book. But to the artist who painted a one-of-a-kind painting, or to the artist who sculpted a new sculpture, the option to earn resale royalties isn’t even a possibility–once …

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