Street Artists Suing over Copyright Infringements

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In our social media streams, we see a lot of examples of artists claiming their work was stolen by large corporations, without permission, acknowledgment, or credit. The folks over at Brooklyn Street Art have a great piece outlining just three recent cases in which graffiti artists are suing for copyright infringement over pieces allegedly used […]

New Intern Introduction

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Hello Seattle. Today is such a beautiful day to make some new friends and introduce myself, the new legal intern for the Washington Lawyers for the Arts (“WLA”), to the members and the blog followers of the “WLA.” My name is Yu Wang. I am from Vancouver, Canada. I graduated from the University of Victoria […]

Crowdfunding Resources for Nonprofits and Art-repreneurs

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Entrepreneurs, artists, art-repreneurs, non-profits, and, well, everyone it seems, are jumping into the crowdfunding mix. We’re here to help! TechSoup has a forum “Which Crowdfunding Platform is best for your Nonprofit?” – a good starting point if your organization is thinking of using one of these sites. On September 19, WLA and Seattle University School […]

Book Review: Just Kids by Patti Smith

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I’d like to share with you some thoughts about Just Kids, and why I think you should read it. The book’s been on my reading list for a few years, so this isn’t timely, but it is a timeless book. When I was starting college years ago, my major was creative writing. If my father […]

EFF Weighs in on Capitol v. Vimeo

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Digital rights advocacy group Electronic Frontier Foundation says a pending appeal in the copyright case between Capitol Records and online video site Vimeo has the potential to undermine existing copyright law. From their announcement: “In this lawsuit, the record labels sued online video site Vimeo, alleging that dozens of sound recordings were infringed in videos […]

Seeing Red: The Color Run vs. Jackson, Part I

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In the beginning, all aspiring photographer Max Jackson wanted was exposure for his work. He gave permission to an organization to use his photos, and they eventually sued him for taking those same photos. How did this happen? The Color Run’s website explains that it is a “five-kilometer, un-timed race in which thousands of participants, […]