Musicians’ Legal Mixtape – April 16, 2014

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Being in a band can leave you with Sweet Emotions or stuck in Heartbreak Hotel. Come hear promoter-turned-entertainment lawyer Joleen Winther Hughes and Seattle-based talent manager Mackenzie McAninch talk about key legal and business issues You Oughta Know so you can create your own sweet tunes and rebound quickly when it’s time to Go Your […]

GoldieBlox, License to Will

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In addition to the basic overview and fair use analysis, public perception of Girls and this case raises another issue that I want to address. There has been much talk of the Beastie Boys’ decision not to allow commercial advertising of their songs and the provision in Adam Yauch’s will to that effect. That discussion […]

GoldieBlox, Fighting for Your Right to Par~take (in unlicensed parodying)

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Feminism vs. creative control, parodists vs. rights holders, the ongoing GoldieBlox litigation has been cast in a variety of lights, each reflecting the preconceptions of the caster. Whatever one thinks of the relative moral standing of the parties, this case ultimately comes down to the perennial problem of determining what constitutes fair use. It raises […]

Benefits of Federal Trademark Registration

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As promised, this week I will discuss Federal Registrations of Trademarks. Before applying for a federal trademark ask yourselves, what is the scope of protection you want for your mark?  Do you intend to use your mark in interstate commerce i.e. do you sell your products in different states? With these questions in mind consider […]

Federal Tax Workshop • March 12, 2014

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Depreciation, capital gains, deductions, W-2s, 1099s! Having trouble keeping track of it all? Neil Sussman’s popular tax workshop is back to guide artists and their attorneys through yet another season of gains, losses, formulas and forms. Learn all the basics you need, plus special tips and what’s new for your 2013 tax return.Designed specifically to […]