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Surveillance Art & Law: Conversnitch, an eavesdropping, livetweeting lamp

Gathering information through technology is playing an increasingly significant role in national security, law enforcement, domestic relations, and industrial espionage. Information is passed along routinely by millions of people daily through Internet hookups, wi-fi, smartphones and other electronic devices. Some are using cutting edge technological device to achieve a strategic edge to gain whatever they want. In doing so, more …

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Copyright, Patent, Trademark, and Art Blogs

Last Friday, I met an attorney who asked me “which blogs do you follow to stay on top of IP (Intellectual Property) law?” My answer started with “hmmmm…..” It was embarrassing. It is not that I have not read any IP law blogs. I just don’t consistently follow them. Of course, one of the best ways to stay on top …

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The U.S. Copyright Office Studying Effectiveness of Music Licensing

By Jooyoung Koo, Esq. The U.S. Copyright Office has announced that it is studying to evaluate the effectiveness of the existing methods of licensing music.[i] The study will explore current methods and problems within the licensing framework for musical works (basically, compositions) and sound recordings, various distribution platforms, data standards, revenues and investment, and several other issues.[ii] The study will …

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The Benefits of Copyright Registration

?!?!?!?! By Jooyoung Koo, Esq. I am a lifelong musician. Since I was five, playing the piano and composing pieces of music have always inspired me. Music has been my own form of self-expression, my way of bringing joy, great solace, and richness to others. Once I create something on sheets of paper, it is mine. So, why bother with …

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