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I feel confident in the advice that the attorney gave me and now I know where I stand legally as an artist and how I can protect my work.— Steel Artist and Photographer from Seattle

The legal clinic is a great resource for learning what specific directions to take your legal concerns in — like what exactly to research further online or what questions to ask a lawyer.– Music Producer from King County

A low-cost, efficient means of preparing for the legal aspects of many arts projects.– Author from Kitsap County

WLA provides clinic participants peace of mind through sound clinic advice offered by experienced professional lawyers.– Art Consultant from Olympia

The WLA clinic is a wonderful place to get both corroboration that you are on the right path and corrections to your course if you have strayed from the most direct and cost-effective route to your end.– Jewelry Maker from King County

Great to have local attorney source for valuable advice. Love the fact that it is 100% tailored for art law and so inexpensive!— Sculptor from Gig Harbor

If your mind/body is unable to free itself from fears and concerns that inhibit your ability to practice your form or complete your art, go consult with a lawyer at Washington Lawyers for the Arts, then make art!!— Writer from King County, Washington

I am tremendously grateful to the WLA’s staff and volunteers. The clinic attorneys not only answered my questions but also anticipated those I had not the foresight to ask. After acting on the advice of one clinic attorney and getting no results, I was able to attend a second clinic and then gain even more information and advice at a Brown Bag Luncheon. When my actions following those events brought no response and I was about to give up hope of resolving my situation, a WLA attorney volunteered pro bono legal services and filed a court suit on my behalf-a necessary action I could not have otherwise afforded. Partnering with me toward resolution of the matter, the WLA attorneys have been informative, integrous, and compassionate. I encourage others to take advantage of the services provided by the WLA and to support the organization through volunteering and donations.— Writer from Northwest Washington

The attorney was interested in my project on a personal level, but kept our discussion professional. He had with him a law student, which I thought was smart — giving potential lawyers insights into the way some artists think.— Printmaker from Seattle

My meeting with the attorney from the clinic was very helpful and right to the point. We quickly got to the heart of the matter and helped me find alternatives I could present for my contract negotiation. This clinic is a great resource for artists in the Northwest.— Author from Seattle