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Monthly Archive for: ‘March, 2015’

Sole Proprietorship to LLC Conversion

An artist makes her first sale or agrees to his first performance. This goes well, sales start to increase, and the business begins to take off. While the artist may have already filed a business license and set up a sole proprietorship, he or she may now want to start thinking about setting up a business as a separate entity. …

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Art Valuation – April 7th, 2015

Whether you are a lawyer assessing the value of your client’s artwork or an artist wondering how it is done, Dave Buck and Michelle Dunn Marsh will be speaking on the essentials for art valuation and addressing the multiple “values” that can be ascribed to an artwork, using photography as primary examples. Learn more about the terms of hard costs, retail value, …

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WLA Referral Service

Why do we need a referral program? We’re proud of our Arts Legal Clinic. It is a great resource, and is usually all the help an artist needs. But sometimes, a clinic appointment ends with the client deciding they can’t handle the issue pro se. Other times, clients contact us because they already know they need a lawyer, but need …

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