The Benefits of Copyright Registration

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?!?!?!?! By Jooyoung Koo, Esq. I am a lifelong musician. Since I was five, playing the piano and composing pieces of music have always inspired me. Music has been my own form of self-expression, my way of bringing joy, great solace, and richness to others. Once I create something on sheets of paper, it is […]

The Business of Being an Artist

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So, you’re an artist and want to turn what you love to do into a business. The idea can be daunting, especially if you have limited experience and resources and just have no idea where to start. In “The Business of Being an Artist,” Theresa Simpson of Garvey Schubert Barer and Gary Swearingen, in-house counsel for […]

Musicians’ Legal Mixtape – April 16, 2014

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Being in a band can leave you with Sweet Emotions or stuck in Heartbreak Hotel. Come hear promoter-turned-entertainment lawyer Joleen Winther Hughes and Seattle-based talent manager Mackenzie McAninch talk about key legal and business issues You Oughta Know so you can create your own sweet tunes and rebound quickly when it’s time to Go Your […]

GoldieBlox, License to Will

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In addition to the basic overview and fair use analysis, public perception of Girls and this case raises another issue that I want to address. There has been much talk of the Beastie Boys’ decision not to allow commercial advertising of their songs and the provision in Adam Yauch’s will to that effect. That discussion […]